"Fan into flame the gift of God within you..." 2 Tim. 1:6

Though we love to partner with friends worldwide this internship is open only to people from North America and Europe.  


2020 - 2021 Arts Internship at a Glance:

Sept - Oct - Training in Calgary, AB, Canada 

Nov - North American Tour

Dec - Feb - Serving in Uganda

Feb - Apr - Serving in the Philippines

May - June - Serving in North America, Wrap Up


Ministry Focus:  This arts internship is meant for individuals or groups of individuals who want to grow in their area of gifting. It is our passion at AV to use the arts and help you discover, develop and maximize your gift for God's glory. We typically provide training in spiritual formation, music, drama, art, illusions, dance, telling your story, puppetry, preaching, reaching the urban poor and just about anything that you can offer! You will work with gifted local Christian nationals and missionaries with years of experience in various forms of urban arts evangelism. 

In Uganda, you will be working with ACTION International ministries and Healing Springs Churches) sharing the Gospel in community performances. You will help the urban poor, make disciples of Jesus and help to plant churches. Other opportunities include performing and praying for people in hospitals, orphanages and soccer fields. Also, there will be youth conferences for training and discipling youth.  

In the Philippines, you will be working with the Bible Christian Church of Pampanga and ACTION International to perform and present the Gospel in the communities there. You will perform in community centres with the goal of starting Bible studies in the area.

Typical Day:
Training is structured with regular worship times and teaching in important growth areas such as prayer, team, culture, missions, ministry, illusions, chalk art, music, drama, puppetry and recreation. Each day may look a little different, but there will be ample opportunity to grow and share Jesus through the arts.

Our Staff:

We have a capable staff who are committed to Jesus, intimacy with God and to professional growth. They have many years combined knowledge and experience in arts evangelism. We also have many resource people in the area who assist us in developing your strengths in the arts.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I'm not very talented in the arts? In our experience, many times, it is the people who feel this way who have amazing gifts that are just below the surface or they aren't aware of some tremendous gifts that they have. They only need some coaching/tutoring to discover, develop and maximize those gifts. Even when that isn't the case people who feel this way have much to offer God's Kingdom in terms of character and integrity.  We're not here to create superstars but servants of Jesus. In the end the fruits of the Spirit and His gifts are what influences our hurting world.

2. Surely God can't use me, right? We believe that Jesus can bring forgiveness and healing in these areas by faith. Often we are only one step of faith away from a fresh start.  We find that the healthy interaction with other believers who serve together can be a catalyst for lifelong change. Some of our people have said "AV is like a church on wheels".  Or "this is the closest thing to a real community of faith that I have experienced". That said, AV is not a place to escape but a place to face your struggles and conflicts. Honestly, the pressures of cross-cultural ministry can make things worse. We encourage you to get help in areas where you struggle. Because of the nature of our ministry we have a code of conduct that we expect staff and team to abide by. Beyond that, we don't want perfect people especially if they are 'religious'. Much like the disciples Jesus chose we certainly aren't without our own struggles.

3. Can I gain academic credits by being part of this internship? Yes, certain Bible College provide academic credits for your time with us. Contact us for more information.

4. How flexible is the program? We will tailor it as much as possible to your gifts and interests. No promises but... talk to us, we are interested in the things that are on your heart.


Funds Required:  $16,500   *This means an upfront amount of $5500 in September when you arrive and then a monthly amount of $1375 for the following 8 months. We can assist you in training you to "raise support" through newsletters and other means. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Regarding COVID19 - We are monitoring the situation in the countries where we serve and taking the advice given by our government authorities at  We are moving forward with the belief that God is in control and much can change in the coming months.  We will not take any unnecessary risks and continue to pray for those who have been affected by this disease.

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