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Radio Dramas

Overview: Our purpose is to use the arts to share the Gospel. With that in view we are beginning the process to create some radio dramas for First Nations communities with the message of the Gospel. To do this with excellence and sustainability we need some financial partners. The purpose of this proposal is to get information into the hands of potential
donors to help build some seed money for this project.

We recognize that:

  • the First Nations people are gifted in the arts

  • the First Nations people love stories and historically have used stories to teach truths about life

  • Radio is one of the most effective communication tools to reach people


Some details:

  • At AV we have been working on some scripts based on the Eagle Feather Series (Bernard Palmer)

  • Copyright Permission has been granted

  • We plan to incorporate the following elements:

  • First Nations voice actors

  • Gather at Big River Bible Camp with them for a couple of days at a time to record several episodes

  • Provide a stipend for our voice actors to help with continuity

  • Incorporate discipleship with our voice actors

  • Our target audience will be 9-12 yr olds

  • We have been invited by CIAM Radio to initiate this project

  • This helps us proceed knowing that airplay across the many CIAM radio stations is likely

  • The project will be receipted through Action International Ministries

Anticipated cost per 3 Episodes: $5000
This covers the weekend costs at BRBC, stipends for the voice actors, resources, engineering, production, transportation

Target Date for Pilot Recording: Jan 2024

How to contribute to this project:
Donate to ACTION via credit card, cheque or e-transfer with the separate note “for radio dramas”

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