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Location: Philippines

Dates: May 23 - June 23, 2024

Overview: This team is an opportunity for college students to serve and grow while communicating the Gospel, using the arts, in the Philippines. The team will include a group of PRBI students from the REACH program and a leader from Action

Team at a Glance:
Winter & Spring - Training at PRBI
Nov 30 - Deadline for applications
May 23 - 28 - Training - in Calgary
May 28 - June 21 - Pampanga, Philippines
June 21 - 23 - Debrief and farewell in Calgary

Ministry Focus: We believe in using the arts to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Over the years we have partnered with the Bible Christian
Church of Pampanga to help plant churches. In fact, the main church itself was planted with the assistance of one of our teams years ago. Since
that time the Lord has used teams to reach out to the community and as recent as January launched a new daughter church in San Isidro as a result. We look forward to the next chapter in our partnership with them.

Accommodations: Pampanga (May 28-June 21)
Housing - An apartment above the Pastors
families residence

Expected Development:
Deepen your personal relationship with the Lord. Learn to effectively tell your
story, both one-on-one and from a platform. Develop artistic skills for cross-cultural gospel outreach and transformation. Share the gospel message and pray with people. Assist in Discipling contacts at Bible Studies or coffee shops. Integrate what you have learned into North American life.

A student of PRBI - A follower of Christ - Follow through on application process - Recommended by PRBI - Raise necessary funds - Being talented in the arts is not a requirement but a heart for service is! - You must be willing to be sensitive to the culture of the Philippines.

Anticipated cost: $4160 per student *covers flights, training, food, resources, t-shirts, transportation in the Calgary and Pampanga areas... *support required is subject to change (size of team, fuel costs…)



  • What supports will ACTION provide for support raising? We will provide some training to help you get a prayer letter together. We will also receipt the gifts at ACTION and provide monthly updates.

  • What is the ideal team size? Usually 7 or 8

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