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Are you looking for an opportunity to serve on a different continent this summer? Are you 18 to 30 years old? Are you longing to grow in your relationship with Jesus?

You are invited to join us and others this summer to proclaim Jesus in the Trujillo area of Peru. We are partnering with a local church to share the Gospel using the arts in many local church plants. This city of 1 million plus people is known for the arts through the large university population. The opportunities range from youth groups, plaza performances, sand boarding to build relationships with adolescents at risk of gang lifestyle, schools, house churches, performances on the board walk in front of the beach and the garbage dump where over 50 families live collecting garbage. The people, food and culture are warm and welcoming.

The Team

You will train with a team of individuals who have been approved from different parts of North America. The team will be led by someone from AV and partnering with our hosts in Peru.

You will stay and serve near Trujillo in a walled compound.

A Typical Day
... Will include personal time in the Word of God and team worship.
... Fellowship and food at the guest house. Prep for ministry during the day.
... Travel to a local community to eat some of that awesome latin food.
... A Gospel presentation using the arts (music, drama, illusion, art, testimony, short Gospel message, invitation and prayer...) .
... Return to the guest house. Debrief. Rest, team time and fellowship.
... To bed.

What to expect
... excellent training (we have decades of experience on our staff)
... to be challenged personally in your walk with God
... many stretching experiences as you work in a team context in a foreign culture
... friendships and memories that will last a lifetime
... to grow in your abilities and life skills using Spanish
... other types of service include helping to lead youth conferences or train Church leaders and teachers in creative teaching methods.

Basic Timeline
July 15 - Deadline for applications
July 30 - Support Deadline
Aug 2 - 9 Training in Calgary
Aug 9 - Travel to Peru
Aug 22 - Return from Peru
Aug 22-Aug 25 - Debrief in Calgary and Farewell

Support Required
We expect it to be $2850 per person but costs are subject to change with the present-day fluctuations in costs.

Please contact Mark at or 403 554 0025 if you have questions.

By applying you are not committed to going on team but it does take you a step closer and helps us to move forward.

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