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Location: Malawi

Dates: July 2 - 31, 2023

Ministry: Malawi is an experience you won't forget. The team will be assisting ACTION Missionaries in serving the people of Malawi alongside the local church. It will include using the arts (music, drama, illusions, choreographed dance, puppets, chalkart) to proclaim the Gospel while training/encouraging/praying for the people, pastors, youth and children's workers.  The team will also be involved in helping to feed many who are struggling with the devastating effects of poverty.

Training:  6 days In Calgary (July 2-8) covers team building, worship, spiritual formation, ministering cross-culturally, prepping an evangelistic program, sharing your faith story, some basic language (Chichewa), artistic skills as listed above, and more.

Accommodations: For training, we plan to house the team in Calgary with local church billets. Housing in Malawi will be in a guarded ACTION compound and in local homes. 

Requirements: Those who desire to serve and work as a team. We don’t expect perfect people but those who are seeking to live for Jesus. Raise the full amount of support and be part of the training. You will be expected to function within the policies in our team manual.

Expected Growth: Broaden your worldview - deepen your personal relationship with the Lord - learn to effectively tell your story, both one-on-one and from a platform - Develop artistic skills for gospel ministry - Share in the power of the Holy Spirit, the gospel message - pray for or with them - Integrate what you have learned into North American life - serve more effectively in your home church and community.

Risk: We cannot guarantee your safety but we can minimize the risks.  Please check out the Canadian Foreign Affairs website for information. 

Support Required (1 week before departure): $4900 per person - this covers all transportation from Calgary, food, emergency travel insurance, housing, and training. This amount is subject to change due to dollar fluctuations, fuel, and safety issues.

Passport: If you don't have your passport, we ask that you move quickly to get one. Lately, at least in Canada, it is a challenge to get one.

Application Deadline: June 1, 2023


1. Ask God if this is what He would like you to do.
2. Speak with the mission's leader in your church about your desire.

3. Fill out the application form on our website:

4. Processing references and approval (hopefully).
5. Begin fundraising - we will provide some support and instruction to help you with this if you wish!

A Ministry Story: A memory I won't forget from Malawi was the day we provided training to some leaders within a church. There were about 50 men and women of varying ages there anticipating the day. They love to worship God and it shows! They sang at the top of their lungs. In fact, my friend Nathan, beside me happened to bring a decimetre with him on his phone. He measured the volume at 111 decibels and that was before they really got going! That is loud... and there were no instruments. When we finally led them in a few Chichewa songs - we had 2 guitars, a Cajon, 2 mics and 5 singing - we literally pounded on those guitars but couldn't hear a thing over the singing. Truly, God has gifted those people with hearts of praise. At one training session, I glanced outside and saw some witchdoctors, 5 of them in their madman garb, dancing along the boundary of the church property. The intensity of the spiritual battle there is beyond anything I have ever experienced but it was important to experience the power of God as we shouted our praise louder than we ever have.

Action Ventures: Action Ventures is a Training Division of Action International Ministries. We are based in Calgary, AB. Formerly Venture Teams International, we use the arts to share the Gospel around the world. For further information please check out our website or call Mark Sorell at 403 554 0025.

Regarding COVID19 - We are monitoring the situation in the countries where we serve and taking the advice given by our government authorities at  We are moving forward with the belief that God is in control and much can change in the coming months.  We will not take any unnecessary risks and continue to pray for those who have been affected by this disease.

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