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What is Action International Ministries approach to privacy? 
ACTION operates in a culture of confidentiality and respect. Our personnel are committed to providing effective security and assurance of privacy for personal information and confidential organizational information in our care. Our confidentiality and security policies guide the actions of anyone carrying out work for ACTION. These policies govern the life cycle of private information: its collection, use, disclosure, storage and disposal.

What personal information does ACTION collect?
We define personal information as any information that would identify people, or could provide confidential information about them to others. Our records are limited to information voluntarily provided, or information that is a matter of public record. We collect only the information that is needed to provide the services expected of us.

What confidential information does ACTION receive?
This material would involve the security of people, property, or our commitments to partner organizations.  Current mission situations, or planning involving future ministry actions, may because of the circumstances necessitate limiting who should have this information. 

What is private information used for?
We collect personal information to process member and volunteer applications, and to provide subsequent necessary support services.   Donor information is used for receipting and reporting. For all those who express interest in ACTION, we use the information for ministry communication purposes. Personal information is only used for the purposes authorized by that person.  Confidential organizational information is also used only for the purposes for which it was supplied.

Who has access to personal and confidential information within ACTION?
Only authorized ACTION personnel have access to this information, and that solely to fulfil their responsibilities. Staff are given Privacy of Personal and Confidential Information training, and are required to comply with our specific privacy procedures.

Who is my information shared with?
Personal information is not sold, rented or traded. Details on members, volunteers, or applicants may be shared with our formal international partners to provide them with information necessary for the project. Where a donor provides funds for an international project, essential identifying information may be sent in trust to that partner. Personal and Confidential information in our records is not shared beyond authorized ACTION personnel, other than as described here.

Do you have my consent for retaining, using, or sharing my information?
For information collected before February 28, 2010, we are operating on the understanding that ACTION already has your implied or written consent. Commencing March 1, 2010 our information gathering documents will bear personal consent clauses.

May I see the personal information ACTION has about me?
Upon your request, we will inform you of the existence, use and disclosure of your personal information in our databases. If you desire specific data, we will make the information available to you within a reasonable time, at minimal or no cost.

What if I find the information about me is incorrect?
We seek to keep personal and confidential information as complete, accurate and current as is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it is required. You can question the accuracy and completeness of your own information, and arrange to have it amended if appropriate.

How is private information protected?
We have numerous physical and digital security measures to protect personal and confidential information in our custody against loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification, regardless of the format in which it is held.

When is information disposed of and how?
When personal or confidential information is no longer required, we dispose of the record in a secure manner.  If the information is needed for statistical research, it will be retained in anonymous form.

What if individuals refuse to give information, or request its return?
People have the right to refuse to give personal information, and to request the return of their information currently on file. This may limit our ability to provide the service requested. Any withdrawal of information may be declined if it prevents fulfilling our legal or business obligations.

Who do I contact for more details, or with my personal information requests?
Contact the Privacy Officer at (1)-403-204-1421, or 1-888-443-2221 (North America). For faxes: (1)-403-204-1501. Email: Privacy Officer -
Or write the Privacy Officer at:    Action International Ministries, 3015A - 21 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2E 7T1

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